China's Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd., is a marketing agent for one of the electronic components distribution company, specialized in providing our customers, vendors offer a full range of electronic components supporting supply. After years of hard development, with professional service, superior product quality, good reputation throughout the country, sales of electronic components market to win customers' trust and support.


Companies adhering to the product; original factory quality assurance "principle. Main brands are: TOSHIBA, AVAGO, NXP, TI, ST, FAIRCHILD, NEC, SHARP, EVERLIGHT, ON. The products are widely used in business communications, computers, home appliances, electronic equipment, instruments, toys and consumer electronics products and other fields. Spot with a large inventory of long-term, operating a wide variety of domestic and foreign businesses to provide quality and convenient support services.


As the company continues to expand, the company increased capital intensity of operations, has set up a Hong Kong company, retail outlet in Shenzhen and Chengdu offices. With years of marketing experience and stability, a good supply channels, excellent management and professional sales staff so that we in the fierce market competition. The company now has several domestic and foreign manufacturers and agencies to establish long-term cooperative relationship.


Looking ahead, China's power technology has always insisted "quality first, honest," the principle of service. We believe: relying on adequate inventory of resources, fast and efficient service quality, excellent sales team, will be able to deliver the most satisfactory service. We warmly welcome domestic and foreign businessmen came to discuss cooperation and seek common development!

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